On March 1st, 2013 in Pristhina, Kosovo a group of participants of the Leadership Development Program 2012-2013, coming from five Western Balkans states: Tamara Dimitrijevska (Macedonia), Ida Dojčinović (Croatia), Emir Kalac (Montenegro), Fjolla Kondirolli (Kosovo), Evica Kuc (Serbia) and Krenar Shala (Kosovo) organized a conference  “Women Perspectives in the Labor Market in the Balkans”.


The final product of the project “Women for Economy” booklet “Being a woman in the Balkans” containing ten essays on individual views and experiences of young people from the Western Balkans about barriers women face in employment and advancement in their careers was presented. However conference also served as a forum for exchange of views on the different barriers that women face in order to access the labor market and advance in their carriers. 


Participants were represented by Krenar Shala, a member of the group, and Rana Birdenin front of TRANSFUSE Association. Other panelists were: Shemsedin Aliu (Task Manager, the EU office in Kosovo) and Venera Demukaj (a lecturer at the American University in Kosovo, Department of Economics). The conference was also addressed by Igor Zlatojev, author of the winning essay, entitled “The Balkans Working Female: An Entrepreneurial Solution.”


This conference stir debate on the current issues and problems which obstruct women to effectively participate in the labor market.


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